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DIRTI DIANA BIOGRAPHY Dirti Diana is a new breed of artist.An MC in the truest sense of the word, she delivers that raw, 100% pure, uncut hip hop. Diana's a lyricist who knows how to envelop her complicated rhyme patterns in between catchy choruses and clever hooks. Her sound is best described as a buttery delivery and iconic flow. In the current landscape of rap, copycats and nonsense rhymes, Dirti Diana's music is a sonic palate cleanser. An all-around entertainer, Dirti Diana's musical journey started when she was a youngster coming up in the birthplace of rap music, The Bronx, N.Y. A hip hop dancer with the soul of a poet, Diana first started writing poetry to help her overcome some of the challenges of a difficult childhood. Growing up in a tough environment, she learned how to take care of herself, but she always felt destined for something bigger. One fateful day Diana entered a local talent show and blew the crowd away with her commanding stage presence and powerful voice. The Godfather of Hip-Hop himself, Kool Herc was a judge! He hand-selected Diana personally and declared her as one of the best MCs he'd ever heard.Diana has made her way Independently with Features from Euro Gotit, Nino Man, Uncle Murder, Cory Gunz, King Los, Drag –On, Fred Da God-Son, Gun Play and more.  Diana’s Independent hustle led to Radio Play, Interviews, Sold Out shows and a move down south to ATL.  Diana is currently working on a new project called ‘’BARCODE’” with her Debut Single ”CASHOUT". She’s proudly returned home to officially launch this SELFMADE phase of her exciting, career!

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